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The Chic Pup brand was created after I got my first Dachshund, finding it increasingly difficult to find a fashionable, fitted and practical coat for our brand model Darcy. We provide a rare service, custom fitting the coat of your choice to your Dachshunds measurements. After having a dog walking business I know first hand what coats work and what people need in a dog coat. We have created our coats to be lightweight and comfortable, but able to provide warmth and either waterproofing or water resistent protection for your dog. My Dachshund would happily spend most of the day under a blanket being cosy, so it's important for me to make going out in cold weather or rainy days an enjoyable experience for her. We pride ourselves on using high quality materials on all our products, and if you require any advice or special request please don't hesitate to use the contact box.


Emma & Darcy


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